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Estate Planning, the Importance of making a Will and dealing with Probate in Brighton, Sussex

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Conveyancing Solicitors Brighton
Conveyancing, Wills and Probate Solicitors in Brighton
Even in today's market, many people who would not have normally envisaged paying Inheritance Tax now have to consider facing potential liabilities.

When you add up the value of your house, savings and investments and your personal possessions you will be surprised how much your estate amounts to.

We will be happy to give you advice on reducing potential liability for Inheritance Tax, such as gifts in your lifetime, going on to produce a tax effective Will that implements your wishes.

Our experienced and sympathetic staff will be happy to assist you in obtaining Probate following the death of a loved one, quickly and efficiently with the minimum of trouble for you and at a reasonable and competitive rate.

The only way to ensure that the right people, charities or a combination of both benefit from your estate is to write a valid will. We can help you to do this, and it need not be difficult, upsetting or expensive.

Make an appointment to speak to Maria Turner and take the next vital step to ensure your wishes are carried when the time comes